Appointed person ? Appointed to what ???

Well as far as first aid is concerned an “Appointed Person” is the person appointed to deal with situations where first aid is required and whose duties include:

* take charge when someone is injured or ill, including calling an ambulance if required;
* look after the first aid equipment, eg restocking the first aid box.

All workplaces should have an Appointed Person – even if they are too small to warrant having a fully qualified first aider (which takes a four day course to qualify).  And although there is no legal requirement to have your Appointed Person given any particular training, commonsense says that some form of training would be a good idea.  (Note : if you are in charge of the training budget and are thinking of skipping this to save some money, just consider – would you want to be looked after by an untrained person if you had an accident?)

The most popular form of training for Appointed Persons is a one day Emergency First Aid course, there’s currently no exam but candidates get a nationally recognised certificate and more importantly get the chance to learn some life saving techniques.

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