I want CPR training

A more than occasional request is from callers who call requiring CPR training, often due to a request or stipulation that the get proof of CPR training in order to get a particular qualification (often sports-related).  What reasons for this are we do not know as the requirements stated are often very brief.

CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) is the bedrock of any first aid course and is the most vital lifesaving skill.  CPR involves blowing breaths into the casualty’s lungs (often known as mouth to mouth) and pressing down on the chest with your hands (often called chest compressions).  However it is not a skill which can be taught on its own as there are other things you need to know about before you can administer CPR, such as carrying out some initial checks on the casualty and also what to do if somebody is breathing but unconscious.  CPR is not normally taught on its own – this would be a bit like a driving instructor teaching a three point turn to a person who has not been shown ho to use the gears.

If somebody demands that you need proof of CPR training without anything else, ask them to give their reasons and consider questioning them a bit further.

To know more about CPR training: First Aid at Work

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