Who inspects us for food safety ?

It is usually the local authority who are in charge of inspecting premises for food safety issues.  They have members of staff called Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) who go round inspecting and giving advice on food safety to all food outfits.  This includes places where food is prepared or served even if this is not your main activity so not just cafes and restaurants but also school meals, works canteens, hotels, day centres and coffee bars.

They do NOT inspect private homes for food safety as legally you can pretty much do what you like to yourself at home !

Now we know that some of you will be gasping and stressing out with the mere idea of being inspected – but don’t panic as we will be doing a blog post next week about how to deal with an inspection.

In the meantime just relax, the Environmental Health Officers are human beings not monsters !  They are also much keener to advise and guide people rather than lash out with prosecutions.  Remember these people are on the frontline as far as public health is concerned and so have an important role in our wellbeing.

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