Compulsory multiple choice exam questions

There are currently no compulsory questions in any of the multiple choice examinations that we at Carlton Training are offering, i.e. no questions appear which must be answered correctly in order to pass.  Instead candidates must answer a minimum number of questions overall to pass ( for example 28 correct out of 40)

The practice of loading multiple choice examination papers with a set of compulsory questions has fallen out of favour recently, it is the overall score which now counts.

The BIIAB qualification National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (NCPLH) – now APLH – was the last such award that we offered with such a set of compulsory questions.  These have now been abandoned by the BIIAB exam board, after some debate with the QCA.  Full details here.  We also offer the equivalent NCFE award National Certificate for Personal Licence Holders (NCPLH) which, in line with current best practice, has never had any compulsory questions included.

The NCPLH was not the only examination which previously had a set of compulsory questions – they also used to appear in the Health & Safety and the Food Safety exams, but have now been abandoned by the exam boards.

Here at Carlton Training we are in favour of current trends to drop these compulsory questions for multiple choice examinations – after all why ask 40 questions if only 5 of them are considered vital ?  A spread of suitable questions and a clear overall pass mark is the best way for an examination board to check whether or not a candidate has a good understanding of the subject.

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