Conflict Management 1886 Trainer Certificate City & Guilds

Certificate for Deliverers of Conflict Management Training (2886) -the  Security Industry Authority (SIA) requires trainers of Conflict Management need to possess a separate teaching qualification that will enable them to deliver effective courses for Security Guards, Door Supervisors orClose Protection Officers.

Candidates will deliver short sessions on a chosen section of the syllabus for Conflict Management Training using a variety of delivery methods including interactive scenarios. They will need to involve learners actively and provide them with positive and constructive feedback on their performance. The candidates will also explore other aspects of teaching such as planning, preparation and assessment.

To achieve this qualification, it is necessary to pass a multiple choice question exam on theory of Conflict Management, which will be taken during the course.  Candidates can be exempt from the exam due to accredited prior learning, which includes :

SIA recognised Door Supervisor qualification
SIA recognised Security Guard qualification
SIA recognised Close Protection qualification
QCA accredited Conflict Management qualification eg. City and Guilds 1884

If you have any of the above make sure to bring them to the course – they will make life easier for you as you will not need to take the multiple choice exam.

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