Distance learning

We occasionally get asked if we offer courses such as PTLLS / City and Guilds 6302 via distance learning – where candidates learn at home via self-study.

Well the short answer is that currently we do not.  However it is something that the team is looking into for the future, especially with the advent of streaming video and similar digital technologies which mean that tutors can deliver lessons remotely and monitor students’ progress from many miles away.

One of the reasons that we have shied away from distance learning is that it has a bit of a bad reputation as being inflexible and not very customer-friendly but also because it removes human contact, and it is the direct attention from a qualified instructor that most people seek when attending training, rather then the impersonal computer screen. Also the regulations regarding First Aid at Work, Food Safety and PTLLS / CTLLS assessments mean that candidates have to have face to face contact with a real-life assessor or examiner in order to qualify.

That said – we are now doing quite a lot of distance support for candidates who have completed the PTLLS and CTLLS courses via our Learning Support email and phone system, candidates who have completed the course but who have not yet finished all the assignments can avail themselves of assistance. This means that if a person has not completed within the scheduled course time they still have the option to finish in their own time, without the feeling that they have nobody to turn to – our learning support team is available every day.

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