I want to start teaching the SIA security courses, and I want to teach them NOW !

To teach SIA (Security Industry Authority) recognised courses you will need to get qualified. But don’t worry – this is not a long process.

Assuming that you already have knowledge / experience in the area you wish to teach e.g. Door Supervisor, Security Guard, Close Protection Officer then you will need two separate qualifications :
Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector – PTLLS ( often known by its City and Guilds number 6302)
Certificate for Deliverers of Conflict Management Training (often known by its City and Guilds number 2886)


These qualifications, or their equivalents, are a requirement for those entering the SIA security training industry for these courses and form the basis of our SIA recognised instructor training.  Without both of these awards you simply will not be allowed to start teaching SIA courses, the authorities are quite strict on this point, and we are have heard of several training organisations who have had their approval withdrawn for running courses without properly qualified instructors.

If you currently have neither of these then you should think about booking onto the combined PTLLS/2886 course which only takes six days and is cheaper than taking them both seperatley

OK so what do these sia instructor courses involve ?  You will learn various teaching techniques and how to apply them to classess you might face, lesson planning, course progress and assessing your learners are also included.  Most candidates find that the most useful part of these courses is the microteaching section, this is where you get to teach a short lesson of 30 mins to your classmates, this gives a practice at actually teaching an a realistic manner.  It also gives you the chance to observe your classmates teaching and evaluate different approaches to a class.

Is it stressful ?  Yes it can be, nobody can honestly say thet they were without at least a touch of nerves when teaching for the first time but the method of teaching your first lesson infront of supportive classmates and under the guidence of your instructor is far better than being thrown in at the deep end !

Althougth you’re bound to be keen to start your SIA teaching, don’t try and rush in without being qualified.  Get trained, get qualified and then get teaching !!

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