PTLLS course providers in the UK – sample assignments

Are you working on you PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) award and looking for some sample assignments to copy ?

Well here is some advice – don’t !

Candidates who copy sample assignments or who copy other candidates could well land in trouble, and this has indeed happened on one of our previous PTLLScourses when despite our warnings two candidates decided to help each other out, with one copying the other’s course work assignments.  The assessor here at Carlton Training then reported to the manager who in turn informed the awarding body.  A full investigation took place, with both candidates being interviewed and their course work closely examined by the Regulation Department of the awarding body.

The end result was that both candidates were disqualified from gaining this qualification, which was rather a shame for them as they had clearly put plenty of genuine effort into the practical part of the course.  It also left them open to accusations of fraud.

So despite the temptations it is always best to avoid plagiarism, copying etc.

There are also now a whole set of plagiarism-detection software packages being developed around the world to combat the global problem of plagiarism, but it is normally good old human diligence which catches the bad guys out !

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