City and Guilds 7303 PTLLS course assessment time

All candidates attending the City and Guilds 7303 PTLLS course have to pass several assignments, including a  microteaching session which involves teaching practice using their classmates on the course as pupils.

Here at Carlton Training we have spotted an anomaly with this requirement – by comparing what is required by City and Guilds with what other awarding bodies require and the requirements of LLUK a distinct difference can be seen.  City and Guilds require candidates to complete at least 30 minutes of successful teaching to pass this section whilst LLUK and the other awarding bodies offering PTLLS only stipulate a 15 minute minimum requirement.

This means that candidates choosing City and Guilds need to do twice as much teaching as those getting the same qualification through another awarding body, which hardly seems fair.  We at Carlton Training are now able to offer the PTLLS qualification in partnership with other awarding bodies so candidates can now have the choice of either the 15 minute or 30 minute version.  Both lead to the same number of credits for the same qualification.

We have asked City and Guilds to correct this anomaly, but they are very reluctant to change, they have however promised to review the situation.  Our position here at Carlton Training is that by continuing to insist on 30 minutes as a minimum City and Guilds risks being seen as out of step with current practice and we would welcome any change to move into line with the other awarding bodies and LLUK minimum standards.  Watch this space !!

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