Food Safety and eggs

Egg producers and egg packers do not wash the eggs. You may have noticed that shops and supermarkets do not store eggs in the fridge but keep them in a cool part of the store.

This is because eggs should be kept at a fairly constant temperature until, we as the users of the eggs, put them in the fridge. The eggs are kept at a constant temperature because it is important that condensation does not form within the eggs.


There is the possibility that salmonella bacteria will be present in the eggs and if condensation forms this provides the bacteria with moisture to enable them to multiply. Salmonella bacteria can give us food poisoning. When you arrive home from shopping always put the eggs in the fridge in the box they were bought in. This will help to stop the multiplication of salmonella bacteria in and on the eggs.

By keeping eggs in the box with the lid closed it will prevent other foods becoming contaminated by salmonella bacteria.  Remember the egg came from the back end of a hen and rolled about on the floor a bit of before it was put in the box!

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