How do I go about obtaining a licence to sell alcohol?

How do I go about obtaining a license to sell alcohol ?

Well it is not that difficult, especially since the Licensing Act 2003 came into force on 23 November 2005 in England and Wales.

The main differences between ho you go about getting licensed now and how the pre-2005 system operates are :

1. Magistrates and Justices of the Peace (JPs) no longer have responsibility for the issuing of licences, either to individuals (licencees or Personal Licence Holders)  or to premises for the sale of alcohol(licensed premises), instead these duties now rest with the local councils.  This brings the licensing system for the sale of alcohol in line with the town planning system and the registration of food business – which are already form part of the local council remit.

2. The local police force can no longer object that there are too many bars/pubs/off-licences in the area.  Unlike the old system you do not have to prove that there is a need for a new licensed premises in the area since the police cannot claim that there are already too many in the locality or that there is another similar establishment too close.  There are only four, very specific, grounds on which a premises licence may be objected to – and its proximity to other similar establishments is not one of then.

3. You can become a Personal Licence Holder – by attending the course APLH ( Award for Personal Licence Holders) and then applying to the council. This will enable you to sell or authorise the sale of alcohol at ANY licensed premises, there is no need to have your name above the door !

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