How to get your food hygiene certificate


OK now you want a food hygiene certificate, and you want it as soon as possible.

Just hold your horses and read this first :

1. Attend the 1-day Food Hygiene course.food_plate2

2. Follow the guide on How to Pass the Food Hygiene Course

3. Take the multiple choice exam which is included on the course.

There will then follow a wait of between 1 week and 5 weeks while the exam board process you results (we do not issue the certifiates directly – they come from one of the exam boards we currently work with, normally the Royal Society for Public Health RSPH)  We will then forward the certificate to you.

If you are in urgent need for proof that you have taken the course & exam, for example due to an imminent inspection, we can write to you  the meantime vouching that you have done so.  This normally satifies an inspector that appropriate training has been provided.

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