The role of a Fire Marshal or Fire Warden

Does your company have Fire Marshals ? (sometimes called Fire Wardens) Perhaps you have been appointed a Fire Marshal yourself, or maybe even volunteered to be one.

The role of the Fire Marshal is normally to help with the evacuation of a building in the event of a fire or similar emergency.  And contrary to popular belief this does not usually involve fighting the fire or acting as a substitute for the real Fire Brigade !   So a big disappointment to all you “London’s Burning” and “Fireman Sam” viewers – no heroics involved here !

As a Fire Marshal you will typically be expected to act promptly in the event of the alarm sounding, taking such action as directing people to the appropriate fire exit, checking your designated area is clear, shutting doors/windows and going to the assembly point.  But it does not end there, since once you have everybody out most procedures will require you to report to the person in charge of the building or the Fire Brigade and in the meantime ensure that nobody re-enters the building until the all-clear is given.

You will of course require some training for this role and a good start is the Fire Safety Course . But you will also need specific instruction regarding your company’s procedures (these differ quite a lot between different organisations) as well as taking part in the regular fire drills.

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