How intensive is PTLLS ?

At our training centre we provide intensive PTLLS courses. They are run over 5 consecutive days and cover the 30 Guided Learning Hours as recommended by LLUK.  Students are advised to undertake self study in addition to this. So it is quite intensive.

PTLLS is a one unit award and covers 6 credits.

The course is designed around the requirements of the awarding body and covers all elements of the syllabus. Training is delivered mainly through instructor led sessions. Students are encouraged to take part in group and pair activities, share their experience and discuss the key issues of adult training.

In order to obtain the qualification, students are required to complete Theory and Practical assignments all of which are covered on the course. Theory assignments cover such topics as the teaching cycle, equality, diversity and inclusion, assessment methods, etc. Practical assignments include micro-teaching, lesson planning and analysis, etc.  We provide individual learning support and give guidance to help students complete their assignments.

The certificates are applied for as soon as all the coursework is submitted and has met the required standards, therefore, students can achieve the qualification at their own pace.

The advantage of our intensive approach to PTLLS is that candidates are much more likley to complete the course and qualify compared with less intensive timetables.

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