Ten tips to pass your PTLLS assignments

Want to pass your PTLLS assignments ? Of course you do ! Check out our tips .

1. Attend all days in order to benefit from class discussions.  The course is run over 5 consecutive days and the course content is covered through tutor-led discussions and student contribution, all of which are important for covering your assignments.

2. Be prepared to gain experience from your fellow students. You will benefit from their suggestions and feedback, so take on board what they say.

3. Make sure you have thorough knowledge of the subject which you are going to teach in future. It will make it easier to prepare your lesson and give you confidence when teaching.

4. Devote enough time to complete your theory assignments. They don’t have to be completed by the end of the course and you will be given guidance on how to complete the assignments, but make sure you don’t rush them.

5. Proof read your assignments. Ensure correct grammar is used and the question has been fully answered.

6. Rehearse your micro-teaching lesson. Teach it to your family or friends in order to see how much time it takes.

7. Make use of the learning support system. You are welcome to email and ask questions about the course, assignments and your progress.

8. Discuss any concerns with the tutor team. They will support you while on the course.

9. Get technology work for you. Use a variety of resources to prepare and deliver your lesson – MS Publisher for great handouts, Powerpoint for your presentations.

10. A positive attitude goes a long way !!

Blogger : Ms Baiba Eberte – Tutor/Learning Support Officer

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