Food Poisoning Bacteria

Most people know that raw meat is contaminated with food poisoning bacteria.

This contamination occurs because the food poisoning bacteria live in the gut or intestines of the animal. When the animal is killed and the insides are removed to prepare the meat for sale then contents of the intestines spill out onto the meat. This happens with all raw meat including beef, pork, chicken, turkey and lamb.

To prevent the food poisoning bacteria contaminating other foods it is important to wash your hands after touching raw meat and also to wash thoroughly any chopping boards, plates or knives that have come into contact with the raw meat.

Food poisoning bacteria are also found in the soil. Remember, farmers often put manure from the animals on to the fields to fertilise the land and ensure that the crops grow well. So always wash your hands after peeling the potatoes, cleaning the celery or touching any other raw vegetables to prevent food poisoning bacteria contaminating other foods. Again the chopping board and knife must also be well washed after use.

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