Will first aid courses get cheaper ?

Will first aid courses get cheaper ? Looking for cheap First Aid at Work training courses ?

You might well have heard economists talking about deflation in the UK economy (by which they mean falling prices rather than flat tyres) so how will this affect the price you pay for your first aid training ?  Will cheap first aid courses become the norm ?

Well to start with the general consensus seems to be that deflation will not start to have a major impact on the economy in the near future, so it you might think it unlikely that prices for first aid training courses will drop.  However there are some changes afoot in the HSE approved First Aid at Work sector which will lead to cheaper First Aid at Work training.  From 1 October 2009 the training requirement for people wishing to qualify as first aiders will drop from the current 4-day minimum to 3 days.  This will enable us to reduce our prices in line with the lower costs this will involve.

Will these cheap First Aid at Work courses be as good ? Will I be safe if treated by somebody who has only had three days’ training in first aid ?

The new courses will be taught and examined to the same standards, so you have nothing to fear in terms of safety or quality. In addition all candidates who qualify on the new First Aid at Work (3-day) courses will undertake additional retraining of 1-day per year and 2-day requalification course + exam after every three years.  This means that they will get regular hands on experiance on an annual basis (which they don’t get at the moment) and so hopefully keep the vital skills and knowledge up to date.

So look out for cheaper first aid courses and more regular update training from 1 October 2009 !

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