Teaching tip 6

Set up the teaching area to suit your topic, so that all learners can see and hear you well.

Here are some samples of typical classroom layouts :

Theatre-style :

theatre100Great for larger classes when you do not need to have any class participation.

Pros : large number of candidates can be accomodated in one session
Cons : no chance of any class interaction
candidates might feel uncomfortable if somebody has to enter or leave during the lesson – remember being at the cinema when somebody had to squeeze past you ?

U Shape of tables :


Pros : candidates get plenty of chance to speak to each other
everybody can see the teacher
Cons : desks can sometimes appear to be a barrier between the class and the teacher

Cabaret style :


Pros : relaxed atmosphere
great for group based activities

Cons : difficult for teacher to monitor all activity
difficult for some class members to see the teacher

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