Can a Premises Licence can be suspended or revoked ?

A premises licence can be suspended or revoked only after a Review of the licence has taken place by the local licensing authority. This Review must be advertised on a notice displayed outside the premises for 28 days in the prescribed format. If the licensing authority has website a notice that a Review is to take place must be displayed on that site.

An application for a Review of a Premises Licence can be made by either a responsible authority or an interested party. Responsible authorities include the Chief Officer of Police, the fire authority, Trading Standards, Child Protection Department, Environmental Health, etc. Interested parties are those living or working in the area.

After the review the licensing authority can:

1. Make no changes to the premises licence

2. Change the conditions of the licence e.g. alter the opening hours, the number of people allowed on the premises and whether door staff are required or not

3. Remove the Designated Premises Supervisor from the licence (this can only occur if it is a premises licence that involves the supply of alcohol by retail)

4. Exclude one or more licensable activities from the premises licence

5. Suspend the licence for up to three months

6. Revoke (cancel) the licence

All parties involved in the Review must be properly notified of the decision by the licensing authority. Reasons for the decision must be given and these reasons must promote the licensing objectives of the Licensing Act 2003.

An appeal against the decision after a Review has taken place can be made to the local magistrates’ court within 21 days of notification of the Review decision.

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