Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector Portfolio PTLLS

During the PTLLS course you will complete a course portfolio which will consist of your assignments, learning journals, materials for micro-teaching lessons, micro-teaching evaluation forms, self-assessment and peer assessment forms as well as any notes that you may wish to take throughout the course.

The records can be kept as a hard copy, electronic file or parts of it can be recorded in a MPEG format. You should keep a copy of everything to ensure that you have an evidence of all your work.

You will be given Submissions Instructions / Guidelines which will help you to correctly format and title your assignments. Each assignment should show your full name, the assignment, question number and version on every page.

Keeping course portfolio promotes further learning and monitors ongoing development. You will find that you can use your PTLLS portfolio for further reference and build on it working towards further qualifications such as CTLLSand DTLLS.

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