What does LLUK do ?

Well that is a good question.

Like many quangos LLUK or “Lifelong Learning UK” to give them their full title are the body which sets the standards for, amongst other things, the PTLLS / CTLLS / DTLLS qualifications.  They appear quite a mighty force before whom Awarding Bodies (exam boards) quake in their boots ! However their legal powers seem to be somewhat limited – they do not appear to have, as far as we can tell, any enforcement powers.

Where did they spring from ?  The Further Education Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development and Registration (England) Regulations 2007 really gave power to both LLUK and IfL (Institute for Learning).  Prior to this Awarding Bodies really ruled the roost as far as setting standards for qualifications.

As for what LLUK does on a day-to-day basis – have a look over on there website www.lluk.org and have a look (they devote plenty of pages to About Us and what we do)

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