PTLLS assignments: how long do they take to complete?

This depends on how long it takes you to write them !

The PTLLS assignments are not too long and there are just 7 of them.  All of them are discussed in the class and students are encouraged to ask questions and accept the support that we offer to complete these.

Each assignment may need a draft copy; then you would review and finalize it. You need to make sure that the questions are answered fully and you have given enough examples to justify your opinion.  And that’s it!

Some candidates prefer to write a draft every evening while the information covered on the day is still fresh in mind. In this case it usually takes less time to edit the drafts and get them ready for submission.

If you prefer to finish attending the PTLLS course first and then start writing the assignments, this is also possible.  In this case it will take you longer to complete them.  We usually set a month suggested deadline for the assignments to be submitted for marking.

We  offer as much flexibility as possible to let our students achieve the PTLLS award in the way they feel is the most comfortable. We understand that adults have commitments at work and home, and completing assignments will require extra effort. Therefore, we suggest that you allocate time for a bit of research and assignment writing when it is convenient for you.

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