Five great fire safety tips for your workplace

Ever get the feeling that your workplace isn’t quite up to the mark as regards fire safety ? Well here are some great tips to help you stay safe and stay legal with fire precautions in your workplace, all written by our team of fire safety training instructors :

1. Have a good look around your workplace as if you were a visitor there for the first time and check to make sure that you have the fire exits unlocked and clearly signed – yes you’ll be surprised be we have turned up to the odd place where the fire exits are locked, of course there’s always some “reason” such as ‘oh we’re not open yet’ or ‘yeah we only unlock that on Thursdays’. Get them unlocked straight away or you risk (a) tragedy and/or (b) prosecution.

2. Remembering that this is your so-called first visit, check that you can see clear directions for what to do in the event of a fire. These are often on a “fire action” notice near the entrance – even better if somebody explains the process and points the signs and exit routes out to you.

3. Make sure that you know where the fire extinguishers are and that they are in good condition.  This doesn’t just mean that they have had a recent service sticker but that they look serviceable eg. pins and tamper tags in place, no obvious dents or damage.  Of course you don’t need to go on a fire safety training course to know that fire extinguishers are not for propping open fire doors !

4. Find out if your colleagues know what to do in the event of a fire.  Even if you have not had a specific fire safety training course recently, everybody should know what to do if a fire breaks out or if the fire alarm sounds.  While talking to people find out if any fire drills have been carried out recently – these are to practice what needs doing so need to be carried out regularly.

5. Staff inductions and updates – make sure new staff get properly inducted and taken through what is expected of them in the event of a fire.

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