First Aid in schools

All schools should have someone on site with first aid training. However, staff must not allow a pupil to suffer without help because of the lack of a first aid certificate.

Staff in schools usually come under the rule of “in loco parentis”. This means that the school staff must act towards the school children as any reasonable parent would act towards their own child or children. Parents without a first aid certificate would provide treatment and comfort within their capabilities for their child.   School staff must do the same.

Having first aid training is a great benefit to the school, the school children and the staff of the school. Many schools use their inset training days to provide first aid training for the school staff. When choosing which staff to attend the first aid training schools should remember to include SMAs (school meals supervisors), school maintenance personnel, ground staff, the school caretaker or site supervisor, general office and school reception workers as well as teachers and classroom assistants.

A first aid course on school premises means that the teaching can be tailored to the schools requirements and emphasis can be put on the relevant age groups attending the school. Extra first aid information and practical advice can be provided for those schools with a nursery department or extended day provision.

First aid training for schools is very similar to general first aid. The main differences are the resuscitation and action for choking for children and babies which vary from those required for adults.

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