First Aid plasters in schools

Staff in schools have always been able to put plasters on the children. It was just a rumour that this was not allowed. In fact, the HSE has published an information sheet on plasters and children. It is part of their Great Health and Safety Myths series.

Plasters are sometimes put on children at school to ensure that the wound stays clean and blood does not leak out into the classroom, playground or onto to other children and staff.

Putting a plaster on a small cut or graze often makes the child feel much better.

If the child is allergic to plasters then the hypoallergenic ones are available.  They are about the same price as ordinary ones.

Plasters must be in all schools’ first aid boxes. They must be individually wrapped. It is not normal to cut a plaster off a roll, his is because the plaster will not be sterile if it is cut from a roll.

The plasters must be kept in the first aid box or bag and this should contain more than twenty assorted sizes of plasters. All must be individually wrapped. Check your first aid supplies regularly to ensure you have sufficient quantities for the number of school children and for the staff.

Remember to keep a record of all school first aid incidents. Write a short, clear, report even for the smallest wound or bruise. This includes any incidents involving the school staff, school visitors and the school children. Follow the procedures at your school keeping these records. The parents or carers of the school children should be informed of any first aid incidents and treatment given while on the school premises or on a school trip.

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