Pediatric First Aid and OFSTED

If you are looking after babies or children up to the age of eight you may need to have a first aid certificate recognised by OFSTED.

It may be that you work in a school where there is a breakfast club or an after school club. These clubs provide childcare services and usually a first aid certificate complying with OFSTED requirements is needed for at least one member of staff. Nurseries looking after pre school age children, playgroups and childminders working in their own homes usually need to have an OFSTED compliant first aid certificate.

OFSTED state that this first aid training must take place over at least 12 hours and have issued a list of the topics required to be taught. The certificates last for three years. The candidates are issued with a certificate of attendance. There is no exam involved in OFSTED compliant courses.

Some nurseries that are attached to primary school are exempt from the need to have an OFSTED compliant certificate.

It is important that all those involved in childcare, whether it is for pre school age children and babies or for schools generally, that first aid training is provided. Many schools and nurseries arrange for first aid training to take place on inset training days. This has the benefit that the training can be taught in such a way that it is tailored for the particular needs of the staff attending the course.

Sometimes a group of nurseries or childminders get together to book a first aid training course. They can then share the cost and they will have the opportunity to discuss childcare first aid issues with each other.

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