Inset day training for schools – tips

Many of our short 1-day and ½ day courses are popular as inset day training with schools.  Here is a quick guide to planning your inset day training event to help you get the best out of the course and make sure your school benefits to the maximum :

1. Plan well ahead – remember lots of other schools will be trying to arrange in-service training for the same dates as you are so your best option is to jump in first and plan your schedule in advance.  If you can plan two terms ahead that is ideal as it will put you well ahead of other schools wanting the same inset training on your choice of date.
If you cannot plan so far ahead then give our office a ring and ask if they can reserve the date/s which you might want to use as inset days, this way we can put these dates on hold while your school plans its schedule.

2. Check up on previous training – go through your exisitng staff records/ personel files etc. to find out who has had which type of training recently.  You will probably need to enlist the help of somebody (School Secretary might be your saviour !) to organise this.  A careful check should show, for example, whose first aid needs updating.

3. Check up on newer staff - newer members of staff might need to be included on sessions that the main body of staff completed before they arrived.

4. More than one training session needed ? Then be sure to plan ahead to make sure staff are given clear instructions as to where they are expected to be and don’t end up in the wrong training event.  You will be suprised how often this can occur, especially on the first day back after school holidays !

Popular courses for inset days include
1-day Emergency First Aid at Work
2-day Pediatric First Aid
½-day Fire Safety Training
1-day Food Safety Training

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