SIA Physical Intervention Training

As we were awarded City and Guilds ‘Master Trainer’ status earlier this year, we have been offering the SIA recognised Physical Intervention Trainer Award which is now a requirement for anybody teaching the SIA (Security Industry Authority) recognised Door Supervisor courses.

This is because the courses now include a Physical Intervention module whereby candidates learn how to restrain and disengage people – skills they will not doubt find useful in any frontline role.

Although exisiting Door Supervisor licence holders will not need to learn these new skills just yet, all new entrants to the industry will have to be accredited by a qualified instructor before they can apply for an SIA licence.

This fills what was becoming a gap in the training regieme for frontline Door Supervisors, who were previously licenced without needing the skills to deal with physical confrontations.

The Physical Intervention Trainer award will help to ensure that Door Supervisor trainers are qualified to teach techniques which are safe and applicable to the industry.

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