CTLLS assignments – what do they involve ?

CTLLS assignments – what do they involve ?

CTLLS assignments consist of both Theory and Practical sections, just like PTLLS assignments.

The theory section involves research and analysis of various topics such as different learning theories, assessment approaches, equality and diversity plus others. Once candidates have done their research, they will complete work based on their findings. In order to achieve the award, students have to research at least three fields and write about them. They also have to deliver a short sample lesson on each area that they have researched.

The practical section is just that – the planning and preparation of lesson plans and course plans. It also involves a minimum of three hours observed teaching at your workplace. This means that candidates on CTLLS course have to have access to at least thirty contact teaching hours with learners during which to implement the theory learnt on the course.

Students will compile a portfolio consisting of evidence of their findings, rationales and sample lesson plans, evaluation and feedback forms. Portfolio also involves lesson plans and assessment plans that are used during candidate’s teaching practice.

Our candidates will receive guidance on both sections and will be given templates to help them complete and organize their coursework. Although the course involves independent study, students are welcome to ask questions any time during and after the course.

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