I am already an expert in my subject – why do I need PTLLS ?

I am already an expert in my subject – why do I need PTLLS ?

Being an expert in your subject is a very good start towards becoming a teacher as good teachers / trainers know their subject inside out and can answer any questions easily. However, teaching is not just about answering questions – it is about passing on skills and knowledge to students and helping them come with answers themselves.

For the teacher to be effective, he or she has to make lessons interesting and actively involve students. This can be done via a range of activities and resources. Good subject knowledge will make it easy for the teacher to think of examples which will make the session relevant to each individual learner, however, before doing that, teacher has to find out what learners want to learn, what they already know and how they wish to use their knowledge in future. This is where planning and preparation plays a major role. On the PTLLS course we discuss such issues as initial assessments, course and lesson planning, key stages of a lesson and the like.

Apart from planning skills the teacher also has to have good interpersonal skills to motivate and encourage students. Building a rapport and setting a positive atmosphere can engage even the most challenging learners. The teacher has to know how to identify each student’s needs and how to address them at the same time as attending to the needs of the whole group.

These are just a few things that make a part of teacher’s role. PTLLS is a stepping stone qualification in teaching in a lifelong learning sector and it addresses the key principles that every effective teacher / trainer has to grasp.

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