What is a temporary event notice?

What is a temporary event notice?

A Temporary Event Notice (TEN) allows the sale of alcohol for a limited period (eg sports event, fair, village fete etc)

In general, only the police may intervene on crime prevention grounds to prevent the occurrence of an event at which permitted temporary activities are to take place or to agree a modification of the arrangements for such an event. However, the licensing authority may intervene of its own volition by issuing a counter notice if the first, second and fourth of the limits set out below would be exceeded. If any of the limits below are breached or if a counter notice has been issued, any licensable activities taking place would be unauthorised and the premises user would be liable to prosecution. The limitations apply to:

• the number of times a person (the “premises user”) may give a temporary event notice (50 times per year for a personal licence holder and 5 times per year for other people);

• the number of times a temporary event notice may be given in respect of any particular premises (12 times in a calendar year);

• the length of time a temporary event may last for these purposes (96 hours);

• the maximum aggregate duration of the periods covered by temporary event notices at any individual premises (15 days per calendar year); and

• the scale of the event in terms of the maximum number of people attending at any one time (a maximum of 499).

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