PTLLS assignment- micro-teaching

Micro-teaching is one of the Practical Assignments that you have to complete in order to achieve the PTLLS qualification. You will be asked to deliver a lesson on a required subject- a subject that you are qualified in.

Your lesson should consist of an introduction, main content and conclusion. You need to involve your students, encourage their participation and assess them to ensure that the process of teaching and learning was successful. The lesson objectives have to be met and the time limit allocated for the lesson must not be exceeded. During the micro-teaching session you should communicate effectively with your learners and use a range of activities and teaching methods to meet your students` learning styles.

Prior to delivery of your lesson you will be asked to write a lesson plan including lesson aims and objectives, teaching and assessment methods and teachers` and learners` activities. A copy of you lesson plan should be handed to the assessor before the commencement of your micro teaching. At this stage you should also prepare all materials, handouts, resources and props that you want to use during your micro-teaching session. Ensure that you have everything ready for your lesson before it starts. Also, it is always a good idea to have a plan B which you can use in case of any unforeseen situation. Check the class room (Health and Safety), wipe the board and make sure that all electric equipment is working. Deliver your lesson confidently and demonstrate good subject knowledge. . After the delivery of your lesson you will have to complete a self evaluation form and reflect on your own teaching. You will also receive a feedback from your peers and tutor showing the strengths and areas for development of your lesson. Micro –teaching is a very beneficial experienced and you can learn a lot from it.

Enjoy your lesson!

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