PTLLS and the new Assessor awards TAQA

When the new Assessor Verifier awards (TAQA) were introduced to replace the A1 and V1 qualifications it was widely belived that they would be linked to the existing PTLLS and CTLLS awards.

Since both PTLLS and CTLLS involve a strong assessment element this was a fair assumption, and indeed it was widely announced by Awarding Bodies that TAQA would be ‘mapped’ to the exisiting PTLLS/CTLLS.  However this has not been done, we are not sure why but the most likley reasons include :

1. PTLLS / CTLLS awards were developed out of the existing 7302/7304 teacher training awards ands are thus prescriptive in their requirements for candidates ie. there are set requirements candidates have to complete in order to qualify.  TAQA Assessor Verifier Awards were developed from the previous A1/V1 qualifications which were NVQ orinented ie. candidates needed to produce evidence to qualify – there being almost no set tasks or requirements.  Thus having developed from very different backgrounds the awards are not closely matched.

2. TAQA was developed in istolation from any other qualifications, making no reference to the teaching or day to day contact tutors might have with their candidates, so was thus never intended to be joined up or linked to the rest of the education system – assessment being a stand alone activity.

So although the PTLLS/CTLLS is a great background for candidates wishing to progress to TAQA there are no credits common to both sets of awards.

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