Yummy cakes and glitter

You know those yummy looking cakes we all love ?

Well one of the reasons they look so yummy is that they are often decorated with glitters, sprinkles and sparkly dust. But they must comply with the law.yummy yummy ckaes

Some glitters, sprinkles and dusts that are labelled “edible” must comply with legislation Regulation 1333/2008 and packaging must also show the E number of any additives they contain. Only those glitters, sprinkles and dusts which adhere to this legislation can be used on food.

Some glitters, sprinkles and dusts are labelled “non toxic”. This does not mean that they are safe to eat or even that they are suitable for use with food. They must again comply with the relevant legislation and only those that have been tested for use with food can be used as food decoration. BUT they must be removed from the product before consumption and must not be eaten.

When using decorative items such as lettering, flowers or models (such as snowmen, bride & groom, etc.) these again must be suitable for use with food and any glitter or colouring matter must not fall into or onto the food. These items must be removed before the product is eaten.

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