Fire Safety in school minbuses

Does your school have a minibus ?

Perhaps you own one or the school hires one when needed.  They are not cheap items and no matter how you raised the funds to get the minibus – jumble sales, sponsored swims, raffles, lottery grants or breaking open the piggy bank – you’ll want to protect your vehicle and its valuable occupants from fire.

Well the best way to do this is of course is to ensure you don’t have a fire in the first place, so you’ll do the obvious things such as enforcing the no-smoking rule (are you listening there on the back seat ?) , keeping up with the regular maintenance schedule and doing daily walk round driver checks.  But on top of this you’ll need to ensure you’ve got an appropriate fire extinguisher on hand in case the worst should happen, and indeed you are legally obliged have a fire extinguisher in your minibus under The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986.

How it used to be !

Now these regulations were drawn up in the days when minibuses were mainly petrol powered, but the chances are that your minibus, like the majority of commercial vehicles, is diesel powered which means it is much less likely to catch fire.  But even so you’ll have to be prepared.

New school minibus

New school minibus

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