Food Safety for Chicken Liver Pate or Parfait

Chicken liver pate or parfait has become a popular starter at weddings and other functions. It also now appears on the menu at many restaurants and eateries.

However, because the chicken livers are not always thoroughly cooked there has been an increase in the cases of food poisoning from eating this dish. Some recipes and celebrity chefs actually recommend that the chicken livers should only be cooked until they look “rosy”. This means the chicken livers have not reached the correct temperature during cooking to kill the bacteria.

The bacteria called campylobacter is present in much of the poultry sold in the UK. It can be killed, thus making the chicken livers safe to eat, by ensuring that the core temperature of the product reaches one of the following temperatures during cooking.

65°C for 10 minutes

70°C for 2 minutes

75°C for 30 seconds

80°C for 6 seconds

These are the temperatures and timings published by the Food Standards Agency.

A Magistrates’ Court recently fined a hotel £8,000 for breaches of the food safety laws. The case involved undercooked chicken liver pate served at a wedding reception where many of the guests including the bride and groom suffered food poisoning.

Blogger : Maureen McIntyre – Food Safety instructor and adult educator for more than 25 years

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