Minibus first aid kits

First Aid kits for minibuses.

If you run or hire a  minibus did you know that it is a legal requirement to have a first aid kit if you are on the road anywhere in the UK ?

We have all heard the warnings that when travelling to Europe there are requirements for private cars to have first aid kits, but many people are unaware that right here there are rules requiring any minibus to have a first aid kit if it is on the public road.  These rules are contained within the The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 which state that a minibus must have a readily availbale first aid kit containing :

(i)Ten antiseptic wipes, foil packed;
(ii)One conforming disposable bandage (not less than 7.5 cm wide);
(iii)Two triangular bandages;
(iv)One packet of 24 assorted adhesive dressings;
(v)Three large sterile unmedicated ambulance dressings (not less than 15.0 cm × 20.0 cm);
(vi)Two sterile eye pads, with attachments;
(vii)Twelve assorted safety pins; and
(viii)One pair of rustless blunt-ended scissors.

As you can tell by the date – 1986 – this list was made well before the advent of the HIV scare and when portable defibrillators were the realm of science fiction.

If your company, school, college, sports club or scout group is using a minibus then of course you’ll need to comply with these legal requirements, however we suggest that you also include :

first aid gloves
AED (automated external defibrillator) if you have one
foil blankets

After all just because the law has not kept up to date there is no reason for you not to !

You’ll also need to make sure that you or the person driving has up to date first aid training.




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