What sort of fire extinguisher should I have at home ?

If you are thinking of getting a fire extinguisher for use at home, then you’ll need to make sure it is suitable and easy for you and your family to use in an emergency.

Multi-purpose Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher and a fire blanket

A popular choice for the home is a small multi-purpose dry powder extinguisher of the 1kg size.  (this means it contains approx 1kg of powder so it is quite lightweight)  This will be small enough for anybody to pick up and use, as well as being safe for use on an electrical fire  eg. if your tv goes up in smoke.

Another good item to have at home is a fire blanket, these are great to keep in the kitchen just in case you have a frying fire, they are easy to use and not expensive.

Remember though that the main thing to do if a fire starts at home it to get all your family outside and call 999, only tackle the fire if it is safe to do so.


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