DPS Designated Premises Supervisor

If you run a licensed premises selling alcohol then you need to have a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) responsible for alcohol sales on the premises.

The DPS will be named on the premises licence and must be a current personal licence holder so they’ll need to be qualified via the course “Award for Personal Licence Holders“. They¬†must also register with the council and consent in writing to being named as the DPS.

If the DPS no longer works at the premises, they must inform the council that licenses the premises and the premises licence holder (ie you). The you must then request the council applies to change the name of the Designated Premises Supervisor named on the premises licence to the person taking over.

This usually involves filling in some straightforward, old-fashioned forms and sending them to your local council. ¬†Forms you might need can normally be found on the council’s website and include :

form to consent to being specified as DPS on a premises licence;
application form for premises licence holder to vary (or change) the DPS on a premises licence;
request to the council for a DPS to be removed from a premises licence;
notification for the DPS to inform premises that they want to be removed from the premises licence.

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