Why an on-site training course is better than online training

Do you have a team at work who all need the same training ?  A quick Google search for training often brings up adverts from companies offering online training.  But a real, instructor-led course held  at your site for your team might well be a better option in terms of value for money and success, here’s why.

1. Completion – many people who start online learning programmes never get round to finishing.  Despite their best intentions it is hard for many people to summon up the will power to log on and begin learning, especially if they have busy work and home lives.  The idea that learning can be fitted in here and there around other commitments is great in theory, but much harder in practice.  Having a dedicated course with an instructor helps ensure candidates actually finish and qualify, the instructor will be there to motivate and guide them as well as ensure that people do not give up or get disheartened.

2. Price – having a dedicated course at your workplace can be a surprisingly low cost way of getting  your people trained.  The cost of having a trainer visit your workplace can work out very low on a per person basis, and remember you are not having to pay traveling and you don’t have to give people additional time off to complete online.

3. Consistency –  with an on site course you can be sure that all your team are at the same stage, you won’t end up in a situation whereby some people have completed and some are halfway through the course whilst others haven’t even started.  A good instructor will ensure that all your team progress consistently.

4. Morale – a properly run course at your workplace is great for staff morale, people really get the feeling that the company is investing in them rather than just expecting them to log on and get on with it.  Remember that even in these tough times there is much more to motivating your team than just the thought of a wage. An on site training course can really give your people a confidence boost.

5. Company image – there’s only so much that advertisers and marketers can do, an organisation’s image is mainly dependant on the actions and attitudes of its staff when they come into contact with customers, consumers and visitors.   The best and most long lasting good impression is that face to face contact that people remember and a well trained, consistent experience will shine through. All types of onsite training can contribute to this, from the shortest half-day course to a full Ofqual recognised qualification can really help your team shine through on the frontline.

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