Fire Safety increases throughout the country

999 call-outs to the fire brigades have fallen dramatically in recent years as fewer fires occur.

For example the number of house fires dealt with by the London Fire Brigade in the borough of Hackney has dropped by 31% in the last ten yearsand overall incidents are down 49%

There are many possible causes for this large improvement, undoubtedly many  more people have smoke alarms at home now thanks to yeas of public information campaigns, but other factors must have played a part.  There’s obviously fewer smokers about these days as workplaces have enforced the ban and more help is available to those trying to give up with patches, gum etc. – fewer smokers means less chance of an accidental fire.  We’ve also seen the rise of the much criticised health & safety culture, which has seen more and more people taking measures to make their workplaces safe. Legislation such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 have put greater obligations on companies to keep things safe with training, risk assessments etc.

As well as these noticeable and much discussed changes, there have also been some quieter and less noticeable improvements in fire safety throughout the UK.  General crime rates have dropped and although academics and politicians might disagree amongst themselves as to the cause and scope of this statistical feature, it has resulted in a decline in reported arson incidents. For example reported arson fell 16% in Wales for the year 2010-2011.  As arson is the single largest cause of workplace fires any decline will have a significant effect on public safety.

We have also seen the spread of safety materials, especially in home furnishings, furniture and carpeting – all of which has reduced the incidence of fire.  This has partly been driven by legislation and partly by scientific progress and public demand.

Long may the downward trend in fire continue !

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