3 things to check before choosing a training provider

Here are some things it is wise to check before you choose your training provider, doing these simple checks can help ensure that you get good quality training and you won’t be ripped off or let down.

1. Track record - make sure that the  training provider has got an established record in providing the type of training you require.  There’s no substitute for experience, so check you’re using a training company with a history of providing the type of training you want.

2. Date check - you want training that suits you, after all you’ll not only be paying for the training but also the cost of staff time while they are being trained.  So the carry out one of the following date checks : (1) if you’re having training at your workplace ask your training provider to give you a list of alternative dates before you agree to anything, this way you can more easily fit in staff rotas, annual leave plans etc. (2) if you’re sending a member of staff to a training centre check that there are other courses running in the future, that way if you need to make a change eg. staff sickness or an urgent order, you can swap to a later date.

3. What do you get ? – there’s all sorts of things that go into the cost of training and you’ll need to check that these are all included.  Check that there are no hidden costs, make sure that all the following are included in the price you are paying: all course reading materials, travelling if the trainer is coming to you, any exam  fees, the dreaded VAT, certification costs and any qualification fees to the awarding body.


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