Recent PTLLS course in London

Well done to all candidates who did the PTLLS course last week in London.

A great variety of topics was presented in the micro-teaching sessions on Wednesday.

The subjects ranged from food hygiene to science, engineering and reflexology.

Well done to all candidates for delivering such informative and well- structured lessons and especially for doing it in a very pleasant and inclusive manner.

Also, some unusual but relevant props and resources were used, which not only benefited the lessons but also those who participated in them.

Now, we have yet another proof that being well prepared for the lesson always pays off.

And one thing more I have to say- all candidates demonstrated excellent feedback techniques and were very supportive towards each other. Good team work!

Great subject knowledge, excellent presentational skills and a hug amount of enthusiasm made this day very special for all of us- teachers and students.

Blogger – P Pilch


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