“Your statutory rights are not affected.” What does this mean ?

Just about every time you buy food at a shop or supermarket (or indeed any other consumer product) you’ll notice the phrase “Your statutory rights are not affected.” printed on the packaging somewhere – but what does this mean ?  Indeed can anything affect your statutory rights ?

Well to cut a long story short this high sounding phrase actually contains very little substance – it really does not mean anything since your statutory rights are never affected or diminished by a seller’s policy.

The only think that can affect your statutory rights is another stature ie. a change in the law !  Bluntly speaking the statement means nothing, since no company or manufacturer can change the law – only the government can do this.
Whatever the packet says you will still be covered by the consumer protection legislation such as the Weights and Measures Act, Food Safety Act and the Sale of Goods Act so any food you buy, weather for your own consumption or for  sale or use in your business (for example selling in a shop, cafe or bar) must be of the quality and quantity expected.

Blogger – Philip McIntyre



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