How long will it take to do my PTLLS assignments?

How long will it take to do your PTLLS assignments? This depends on how long it takes you to write them !

PTLLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector) consists of four units, all of which you will cover in discussions and course activities during your time on the course with us. You’ll get plenty of opportunity to take advantage of support from your tutor as well as ask questions and partake in interaction with your fellow course candidates.

You might wish to consider making a first draft copy of your assignments before reviewing and finalising. This will give you the opportunity to check and review your work prior to your assessor seeing it.

Many people prefer to finish some of their PTLLS assignments every evening while the information taken in during the day is still fresh in their mind. This usually results in a much quicker and more thorough completion than attempting to do work in a piecemeal fashion after the course. If however you would prefer to get the course over and done with and then start on finishing your assignments, then this is possible, however we normally suggest setting a deadline of not more than a month after the course to complete and submit your work.

We always like to provide you with as much as much flexibility as possible to let you students achieve the PTLLS award in the way you feel is the most comfortable. Of course we know that as adults we all have commitments at work and home, and that completing you PTLLS assignments will require extra effort. So make sure you allocate time for a bit of research and assignment work when it is convenient for you.


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