Police – Existing licensing laws used to cut crime

The Metropolitan Police have announced that they will be the first police force in the country to use the existing licensing laws to crack down on sex crimes connected with licensed premises.
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Previously the police have taken action to curtail or even close premises which have been linked to violent crimes such as assaults, actual bodily harm etc. but never before for sexual offences.  As part of Operation Sapphire the police will be looking at taking action against premises where sex assaults take place, in a bid to reduce crime and protect the public.

Just as people who have been drinking are more vulnerable to crimes such as muggings, pickpocketing and thefts, they are also more vulnerable to sexual assaults.

The powers that the police intend to use to apply to licensed premises are not new as the Licensing Act 2003 is now approaching its 10th anniversary Рbut this will mark a change in enforcement policy.

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