8 tips to make the best use of your freezer !

Here are some tips to help you make the best use of your freezer as professionals do in the food industry.

1- Check the contents of your freezer about once a week. Make sure all the food is in date and is properly wrapped.

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2- Foods can suffer “freezer burn” if the packaging is damaged. This is caused by the moisture in the food rapidly evaporating because of the lack of sealed packaging leaving dry patch or “freezer burn”.

3- Rewrap any foods if necessary using freezer bags or several layers of cling film. One layer of cling film is not usually sufficient.

4- Your freezer should be well filled to be efficient. You will find that it is much easier to keep the temperature constant if it is reasonably full.

5- The ideal temperature of a freezer for domestic use is -18ºC. The temperature should be checked daily.

6- Decide what you need from your freezer before opening the door if you can. This will reduce the amount of cold air escaping and therefore reduce your electricity bill.

7- Never put hot or warm foods in your freezer. These can have the effect of heating up the food that is already stored there and encourage the growth of food poisoning bacteria in those foods.

8- If you have cooked foods that you wish to freeze cool them quickly. Ideally they should be cooled to 10ºC or less within 90 minutes before placing them, suitably wrapped and labelled, in your freezer.

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