Choosing a training provider: what service should you expect.

We all like a bargain, indeed the defining feature of the internet age is that we can all now compare prices in a way which was unimaginable just a short while ago.

Our instincts to save money combined with the massive search 

As consumers we really have never had it so good it terms of choice – and this can only be to our advantage, however we need to temper our instincts with caution and make sure we are not misleading ourselves because buying the cheapest is not necessarily best value or the wisest use of your money.

This is particularly the case when you are buying a service rather than a physical product as you are relying on a complex set of actions and decisions  by your supplier – not just the parcel delivery guys arriving on time.

When choosing your training provider it is easy to do a quick bit of we searching and settle on the one with the cheapest headline price, after all there’s always that little inner voice telling us to save money.

But is this the right thing to do and will this result in a good outcome for us ?  Probably not in most cases. And the reason ?  Well there are a whole heap of things which do not always appear in the prices you are looking at on the web, yet these are essential for you if you are choosing training, either for yourself, a member of your staff or your whole team at work.

In fact these are so essential that here at Carlton Training we always include them in all our prices for all our courses.  Take for example our popular PTLLS course, here’s what you’ll be sure of getting if you book with us :

• Certification via an Ofqual recognised Awarding Body – in our case as a City and Guilds approved centre we ensure that all candidates who complete successfully get the nationally recognised  qualification they deserve at no extra cost.

• Assessments – to pass the course and qualify you’ll need to be assessed to prove that you are up to the standards required, this not a cheap process – yet because it is so essential we make sure that all the assessments you need are budgeted into the course price.

• Course Materials – we supply all the course materials you need.  Our course support literature has been developed by our in house team of experts to be the ideal accompaniment to the tuition and guidance provided.  You won’t find yourself needing to go out and buy any books, DVDs or CDs to fill in gaps in your knowledge

• Post Course Support – you’ll not only benefit from our team of subject experts while you are on the course, but once you have finished your training we are here to support you.  You can always give a ring, drop an email or call round for a face to face chat with your tutor.  You won’t find yourself paying for extra tuition or getting stuck on a final assignment without somebody to turn to.

• High Pass Rate – we give you all the time and attention you need to gain the skills and knowledge to pass first time, and our pass rates reflect this.  For example our most recent PTLLS course had a 100% pass rate.  With Carlton Training you can be sure you’ll have the best chance of achieving you qualification first time.

• No Newbie Teachers – every member of our teaching team has at least 5 years’ experience teaching, as well as an established academic record and first class education skills.  It’s not easy becoming a member of the Carlton Training team, but our candidates benefit from this high standard.

• No Shortcuts – we don’t miss bits out of the course to make it shorter and cheaper, we teach the whole syllabus.

• All Training is in the Classroom – no computer ‘lessons’ or “watch this DVD” it’s all face to face contact with your tutor as they teach and guide you through what is needed.


We regard all these as vital things to include, and although they add to the prices we quote we are sure you’ll agree that it’s money well spent

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