Emergency First Aid Course: a lovely testimonial from one of our trainees !

We, at Carlton Training, are always pleased to receive testimonials. We can’t help but sharing that one with you.


I can highly recommend the team at Carlton Training.

As part of my company’s health and safety policy I attended the one day course for Emergency First Aid at Work with Carlton Training, at their centre in London.

Although a little nervous of what to expect the day was very enjoyable and by the end I was confident in my new found skills!

There were 8 people in the group from all sectors of business. Some were refreshing their knowledge and qualification and some, like me, where first timers.

Bob, our instructor had a fabulous air of calm and authority and helped me to gain confidence as the day progressed.

He took us through each stage with patience and made sure that we all had a sound understanding of procedures, including how to recognise symptoms, initiating the recovery position, CPR and how to stay calm and authoritative should we need to put our new skills to the test.

The practical exercises, using the dummy victims adult, child and baby, were invaluable. CPR and mouth-to-mouth are not as you see on TV shows! You do not realise how much pressure is necessary and how hard you must breath when doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitations and Bob made sure that we had satisfactorily mastered this and were comfortable and confident in the technique. I think only one of us did it half way correctly to start with – if TV was your only trainer you would probably get this wrong.

The course was very thorough and gave me immense confidence – we covered the biggies – heart attack, electrocution, stroke, shock etc. and practical first aid for burns, wounds etc.

We had full fact sheets to back up the practical lessons, and notebooks and could ask as many questions as necessary, without embarrassment. The day was quite demanding, naturally, but we had regular tea and biscuit breaks.

The group was lovely and we all had an immense sense of achievement at the end of the day… as I stated at the beginning, I can highly recommend the team at Carlton Training, and although I hope never to have to use my new skills I know that should it be necessary I would be able to do the best job possible to help someone or maybe save a life.

Caroline Haybyrne

Absolutely Cuckoo

2D and CGI animation, puppetry and mixed media | Creators of the hit CBBC series ‘Waybuloo’

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