CTLLS: How to get your qualification

The Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS) is a qualification that allows students to learn, develop and practice skills required for employment and/ or career progression in the Further Education sector.

It prepares trainee teachers for the associate teaching role in a wide variety of subjects, however, the CTLLS qualification itself is not subject specific.

The course covers such generic topics as Delivering Lifelong Learning, Assessing Learners in the Lifelong Learning, Planning to Meet the Needs of Learners, and others. Students will be able to relate them to their subject area and organizational requirements via doing research, reflecting and analyzing their experience in teaching as well as gaining new experience in planning and delivering learning.

All learners will be required to do written assignments and complete teaching practice in order to achieve the qualification. Assignments will be discussed on the course, however, students will have to do independent research using various sources to complete the assignments. Support and guidance will be offered throughout.

Students will also be observed delivering learning in their subject area, therefore, learners are required to do a minimum of 30 hours teaching practice. The length of assessed observation is a minimum of 3 hours.

Assignments and observed teaching practice are normally completed after the course, however, can be done during the course as well. The assignments require an academic style of writing and learners are advised to use Harvard referencing system to acknowledge their sources. All assignments have to be word processed. Templates will be provided for some elements of the course and learners are encouraged to use them, however, some students prefer to either use different templates or design their own.

There is some flexibility in terms of assignments submissions – they can be done one by one or all in one submission, however, candidates are advised to complete the work as soon after the course as possible while the memory is still fresh. If any assignment has not met the standard fully, learners will be required to make necessary amendments and resubmit. The qualification is achieved only when all required assignments and teaching practice are completed.

Good planning and organization skills will be useful in achieving the qualification. Although support and guidance will be provided, learners are required to manage their submissions and take responsibility for their learning. Regular attendance is crucial and if learners miss a lesson it is their task to catch up with the group. However, all learners are entitled to all course material that is provided to the class even if they are not present and it will be given to the learner on their request.

Overall, the CTLLS course provides both theory as well as practical skills of planning and delivering learning, therefore, equal balance is put on assignments and observed teaching practice.

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